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oil or acrylic painting

This class is for all levels. You choose the style that you want to be instructed in. You can learn to paint ala prima, or with layers of glazes. The class will cover composition, color and technique, with a short discussion of a featured contemporary or dead artist. You will probably have at least one finished painting at the end of the session.
Instructor, Renee Duran. Call to register 810-588-4215

Supplies to bring:

  • Photo or object to work from
  • Sample of the style of painting that you like (print out or magazine clipping)
  • Paint: burnt sienna, cobalt blue, white, yellow ocher, alizarin crimson,
    prussian blue. (to start with)
  • Painting medium
  • Turpenoid (non-toxic form of turpentine for oil painters)
  • Paint brushes
  • Primed canvas, primed board or primed paper

Thursday evenings 6-9pm, & Monday mornings 10am-1pm 6 weeks $120, or $23 per class

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me in wave burned painting

art as a spiritual practice

I have found several ways to really listen to my higher self, my soul. The most fun way for me is through art. I teach a way to allow your canvas to be a mirror of what is going on in your inner life-an expression of issues you need to address, release, or revel in. Carl Jung said “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” It’s my goal on this earth to wake up to the reality of who I am. What is your goal?

This class is a lot of fun. We create a safe environment in which to allow the wisdom to flow. The resulting pieces can be masterpieces of love, or hideous monstrosities that you can’t wait to burn. But even if you hurl it into the fireplace that same evening, (oil paints burn slowest) you will know that you are burning a part of what you once thought was yourself and are now happy to be rid of.

This class is for all skill levels both in making art, and conversing with your higher self. Everyone works at his or her own pace. Space is limited, pre-registration required.

Instructor, Renee Duran. Call to register 810-588-4215

Supplies to bring:

  • Your lunch
  • Paint or what ever medium you want to use to express yourself... crayons, oil sticks, markers, colored pencils, clay anything will do. I prefer a medium that is easy to make lots of mistakes in. Mistakes are key in this process.
  • Paint brushes
  • Palette
  • Paper or canvas or what ever you want as a base
  • Music CD (we will take turns choosing tunes)

“When you create you lose yourself in your creation. Time seems to stand still and all else is forgotten. You participate in the divine play that is creativity. These moments offer a glimpse of who you really are: a being fashioned in the image and likeness of God. Like the source of all creation, you are a creator, too. It is your divine birthright. The person who says "I'm not creative" is uttering blasphemy. The truth is that you are the Creative Self expressing through the human vessel of your body, emotions, mind, and soul. Creativity flows through you as a universal life force, called by many names throughout the ages: chi, prana, shakti, the Holy Spirit. It is this energy of love flowing through you that also gives life to your creations.”
-Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., A.T.R

Full day, 1st & 3rd Saturdays of the month 9:30am - 3pm. $75 per workshop


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watercolor painting

This is a beginning class. This class is all about playing with color! We will go over composition, washes, ruffling, splattering, and values. We will work on a still life. That will be our goal anyway. An absract still life can be gorgeous too, since this class is mostly about color anyway. You will probably have a few finished paintings by the end of the session. Instructor Janet Shoemaker. Call to register 810-588-4215

Supplies to bring:

  • Paper:140-lb. cold-pressed paper
  • Tube watercolors: red, yellow, blue, green, Chinese white (to start with)
  • Paint brushes (watercolor): rounds #5, #10, #20, 3/4" mop brush, #5 rigger
  • Palette
  • Board to hold paper, 24" x 32" with clip to hold paper on.
  • Masking tape
  • Mister and Jar for water

Tuesday evenings 6-9pm, 6 weeks $120, or $23 per class


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congratulations card birthday cards

paper arts

Introduction to Card Making:

With card making you receive instant gratification. Anja will guide you through every step to create beautiful all occasion cards that you will have ready to send for any occasion.This workshop is an introduction to simple card making. No experience or tools needed. Participants will leave with 4 cards, ready to send and stun recipients. All levels welcome

Card Making Techniques:

During this workshop, participants will be introduced to different techniques every month, creating and crafting 4 cards each time, ready to be sent to surprise friends and family. For example in one class you will learn embossing, dry, heat, paper piercing, disressing, stamping.

Nature Inspired Card Making:

This class focuses on materials that nature delivers: twigs, leaves, spices, flowers, grass, and… will be incorporated to create spectacular cards that are touched by nature. And appeal to all senses.

Themed Card Making:

Get ready for Halloween, Christmas (in July!), and Easter. Do you need Thank you cards for Teachers? What about Wedding or Baby themed cards? 

Book a workshop if you plan a shower or party and want to send out hand-made cards!

Instructor Anja Geyer Call to register 810-588-4215

Call for schedule $18 per class


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heart pendantIn memory peaceringskiss n hugs

precious metal clay

This is a beginning class. Supplies are included with enough pure silver to make one pendant, or two earrings, or one pin. PMC clay works a lot like Sculpty. Except instead of baking it in your oven when you are done, you fire it in a kiln or with torch fire. The result is pure silver as the polymer that makes it clay form, burns away. A fun way to make precious jewelry. Instructor Renee Duran Call to register 810-588-4215

3 hour workshop $75 per class

precious metal clay II

This is an advanced class. Supplies are included with enough pure silver to make one pendant, or two earrings, or one pin. In this class you will learn how to incorporate jewels, glass, or other materials into your pieces. Must know the basics, and must bring your own heat-resistant jewels or small objects.
Instructor Renee Duran Call to register 810-588-4215

3 hour workshop $75 per class


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silk scarf painting

This is a beginning class. No art talent necessary! Approximately 2-hr. workshop where you will paint your own silk scarf and take it home. $20 per person Instructor Jan Smith Call to register 810-588-4215

$20 per class


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sacred stone jewelry

This class has not been scheduled yet. Call to register 810-588-4215
... per class


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