creative existence is...

a way of living, a place to hire out creative services, and an art school with soul. We offer art classes, meditaion classes, tea, and therapeutic workshops. We are a peaceful community center presently in Duran's cozy studio. Soon to be in a bigger space.

“Each individual has many abilities of which he is unaware. As his awareness increases, he may well develop abilities that seem quite startling to him. Yet nothing he can do can compare even in the slightest with the glorious surprise of remembering Who he is.”

This is an invitation to be part of a community; an opportunity to get to know yourself better; or simply a chance to learn something you've always wanted to learn. Though our focus is on awakening our spirit, as a group we are not affiliated with any religion. We get together to inspire, teach and learn from one another.

The curriculum changes often so check back to find out what’s new, or to request a class.
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our philosophy

We believe that each person is inherently creative and has an inner world worth sharing with the outer world. Unfortunately for most of us, the full force of this creativity gets frightened into a deep recess from the constant demands of work, school, and generally very busy lives. In order to express itself, our creativity needs support and stimulation.

We provide an environment that is both gently supportive and joyfully stimulating to the creative process.

In the end, we are all on this earth for the simple purpose of learning how to be ourselves in time. It's easy! But when pure love gets materialized, it sometimes suffers an identity crisis. When we remember what we are, or when someone convinces us that we are indeed a part of Love, we start using time differently. We use time to practice being what we are instead of hiding from what we thought we were, or trying to prove ourselves. The better we get at it, the more our creativity flows! The happier we become.

our teachers

Renee Duran, Director and Founder of Creative Existence.

Renee DuranI am a freelance artist who enjoys the miraculous. Before my daughter was born, I worked in advertising and marketing as an art director. Then one day after learning how to love a little, I realized that I no longer wanted to try to convince people to “supersize it”. It seemed kind of pointless.

So I learned how to paint and meditate. Eventually I found a way to combine two of the practices that gave me so much enjoyment, purpose and deep understanding, that I want to share it. And they always say, “If you want to be a master at something-if you really want to learn it, teach it.” Whomever they might be, I agree. So, I’am teaching art and the use of art as a spiritual practice. I also teach different types of meditation that really work wonders for me.

Credentials: I studied drawing at the Art Institute of Chicago and design at the American Academy of Art, Chicago, and much later I studied painting with Alain Gavin in Evanston, IL. I never actually studied meditation with a guru, unless that one workshop I took with Grand Master Choa Kok Sui counts. (It was awesome!) But I've read many books on meditation, and practiced several different schools. I worked as an art director for 15 years, and while I no longer feel inspired to design ads for things we don't need, I love designing websites for people who believe in what they do.


Anja Geyer. Co-founder

Anja I am a crafter. All my life I have altered things, sometimes with pretty unusual materials - nailpolish for a whole stereo? My favorite material to work with is paper. It’s simplicity is so pure, yet it will endure so much. Paper does not have to be prettified, but it can be, and in my hands, with my tools, it will be!

My love for paper and passion for techniques and new products combined with that sometimes “unusual” touch or approach turned me into the crafter I am today. And since I can not keep all of this to myself, I want to share.

I have been teaching card making classes out of my home and through Brighton Community Education. In my classes, we work with top of the line products, learn new techniques, play with paper and embellishments, we stamp and sometimes get pretty dirty fingers!

My biggest reward is to see someone in my class admiring his/her piece of art. Because, in the end, you are the creator, I am just the coach, guiding you to find what you want to do with the materials provided.

You can find out more about my art and photos at www.geyerwally.com.



Janet Shoemaker

I am an artist. http://pilatescorefit.com/


Jan Smith

Me too.


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